5 Top JavaScript Frameworks You Should Learn in 2017

Top Javascript Frameworks

Top Javascript Frameworks to be learn in 2017

“Which Javascript Framework should I learn ?’ This question will arise in every developers head when he has completed his journey over HTML and CSS and move to advanced skills in web development.

In this post we discussed top javascript Framework in industry. Our list of best javascript frameworks is based on the no. of forks on these frameworks on Github.

Many people advocating on writing your own code over using Frameworks. What you think? We are not entirely agreed.

It is good to have a deep down knowledge of any programming language.BUT Frameworks help us to deal with complexity. It saves our time and efforts by doing more with less code. It helps to speed up the development process. The aim of any framework has one thing common and that is reducing the overhead association with daily common tasks.

The key benefits of using a framework are:

Speed: By using frameworks we deal with pre-build functions so that it helps to speed up the development process.

Support: A famous framework has huge community associated with it, that works as support team for you.

Cost: Most of the best frameworks are free to use, so cost can be cut on both developer and client ends.

Also you don’t need to be any expert to build any website or App with these Frameworks. Build and maintained by experts, when you use these frameworks you get jack of all trades in your hands.

Why Javascript ?

As we Know javascripts used to create interactive websites along with HTML and CSS. Not only in web developments but it also extended to Mobile app and Game development.

Nowdays javascript used in both client-side and server-side scripting. It also natively built into every browser on every platform.

Javascript was among the most demanding programming skills required in 2016. As per reports average salary for a developer with javascript skills is more than $ 80K in US.

Also it has large community size and you will get support of any kind in quick succession. Sites like Github, Stack overflow, Meetup etc. are contributing a lot in the evolution of JavaScript.

As per Our analysis, we are presenting the 5 top JavaScript Frameworks which you should learn in 2017.


Top Javascript Frameworks

Angular Js used to create web applications with complex structure. Supported by Google, it is used on the back-end for some famous brands including Google’s own projects. Famous and mostly used Framework for Single Page Applications.

Angular js is an MVC based framework, works on concept of two-way data binding between Views and Models. It constructs a bridge between front-end and back-end servers. So that changes reflected on both sides automatically.

Now Angular2 has released with lot of features and expand the boundaries of this framework from Web to Mobile App Development. This framework is build with Microsoft’s TypeScript. For complex Front End Applications Angular is ideal pick to start with.

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Top Javascript Frameworks

React.Js is coolest and fastest growing javascript framework today. Developed by Facebook it helps to build user interfaces for complex responsive applications.

React.js is based on 1-way data flow which means it is not implements entirely on MVC, but focus purely on V (view). It is narrowly scoped and tightly focused on Rending only. That’s why it is too fast.

This flexible framework can be used nicely with other frameworks and libraries out there (Anular.js or PHP).
Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo mail etc are build with React and make it hottest choice for 2017.

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Top Javascript Frameworks

Backbone.js is flexible and lightweight javascript framework which can easily integrated to any template engine. It overcomes the complexity of JavaScript code in big projects providing Event-Driven communication between models and views.

Clean code base of backbone.js helps to smooth the process between teams collaborating on the same code. Build in such a way that you can do more with less code.

Backbone.js has many modules in its pocket so you don’t need to download any other external package. Underscore templates is the default and only dependency for backbone.js. Websites like reddit.com, Amazon, freelancer are some of many brand use backbone.js.

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Top Javascript Frameworks

Vue.js is a Progressive javascript framework. The popularity of vue.js is sky rocketing in small time span. This small and light weight framework helps to create interactive web interfaces.

It works on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) concept. View-Model convert the data from model in such a way that objects are easily managed and presented.

Vue.js is very small javascript Framework compared to angular and other js libraries.

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Top Javascript Frameworks

Ember.js used to create sophisticated multi-page javascript applications with great URL support. Basically Ember is an opinionated JS Framework. Which means developers can set strict guidelines on how the piece of framework should be used.

Same as Angular it works on 2-way data binding concept. You can create complex web applications with lots of features by using Ember.

It has huge online community. There are so many tutorials and training materials to master Ember.js. Netflix, Tinderbox, Groupon are some of the top brand which are using Ember for their websites.

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We know that there are many other good javascript frameworks out there like Ploymer.js, Node.js, Meteor.js etc.

In simple words the selection of right framework is depend upon the type of project. We cannot compare one with another because all these javascript frameworks are building by experienced minds.

We hope you like our post and it can help you to choosing a right framework for you next project. Please share your thoughts and feedback with us and also let us know if we had missed anything in our post.

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